Dispute Resolution

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Lawyers at Inspire LC are involved in pre-trial disputes resolution in IT, as well as in litigation of IT conflicts.

We make best efforts to resolve the dispute out of court through negotiation. At pre-trial stage of dispute resolution, our lawyers will help you with:

  • Negotiation
  • Complaints
  • Drawing up answers to claims
  • Drawing up a lawyer’s request

If the case goes to court, our lawyers will:

  • Develop a legal concept and build defense / attack algorithms
  • Prepare an action at law
  • Prepare a response to the action at law
  • Prepare all types of procedural documents
  • Appeal to the court verdict

What legal cases do we work with?

The most common groups of IT disputes are:

  • Contract disputes (development, design, implementation of IT systems)
  • Supply contracts disputes (licenses for software, equipment, systems)
  • Blocking Internet resources
  • Protection of personal data
  • Violations during the performance of labor duties
  • Small theft with the use of IT systems
  • Countering Black PR
  • Disputes with copyright holders
  • Dispute between software customer and IT company
  • Domain Name Dispute
  • Trademark Dispute

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We’ll prepare an individual offer for your company and provide a support manager who is always in touch
Long-term cooperation
We manage all your legal and accounting issues, while you focus on your business

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