Drafting legal documents

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Drafting legal documents.

Lawyers at Inspire LC can assist with drafting any kind and any complexity of legal and procedural documents.

We specialize in:

Developer Contracts

  • We create contracts for outsourcing and outstaffing teams
  • The contract helps to resolve issues with: deadlines, payments, liability
  • If developers in your team are registered as Individual Entrepreneurs, you should consider this when developing a contract.
  • Use a contract with a developer to protect the interests of the company
  • Contract with Individual Entrepreneurs will not help to fix the working time, vacation or discipline in the team, but it can indicate fines for terms and rules violation of technical task

Types of contracts we work with:

  • MSA contracts
  • contracts for web and mobile application development
  • Digital Contracts
  • outsourcing contracts
  • outstaffing contracts
  • maintenance contracts
  • SEO agreements
  • branding agreement
  • cloud service contracts
  • software contracts
  • NDA 
  • NCA 
  • SaaS development contracts
  • contract for connecting CRM etc

Contracts with foreign customers

What should you pay attention to?

  • The contract governs the payment, quantity and quality of services, deadlines and customer liability
  • It is useful if you want to work with a predictable financial result and be legally protected
  • Use a contract to regulate TT requirements and correct software bugs
  • Contract will not change the working culture of your team, but will be able to hold it financially liable for violation of the terms of the contract

Some of the popular contracts:

Master Service Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Non compete agreement

Dedicated Team Model





Recommendations from our IT lawyers: 

  • when drafting contracts take into account specifics of IT and project needs
  • a contract is a financial guarantee and a guarantee of the security of your interests
  • write down mirror sanctions in case of violation of the obligations of the parties
  • solve the issue of intellectual property from the moment of development
  • mention the right to resolve disputes in international courts

Separately, we’d would like to highlight our service of drafting legal documents for websites:

A team of IT lawyers helps to develop legal documents for online stores, web services, mobile applications and other products.

The public offer agreement allows you to electronically enter into agreement with the user on the conditions of the site and replaces the signing of copies of the agreement. In one click, the client confirms acceptance of the terms in a public contract with users. 

Our lawyers draft legal documentation for websites and applications: when you need to connect a merchant account, file financial statements for electronic commerce, show the reasons for receiving payments before a tax audit.

Our team develops documentation for websites, mobile applications, SaaS systems: Terms of USE, Privacy Policy, Cookie, EULA, White Label, GDPR compliance and other documents to fulfill the requirements of e-commerce legislation.

Our team will conduct a legal audit of the website and prepare a list of recommendations regarding the preparation of necessary and additional documents.

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