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Inspire LC provides the opportunity to optimize the business processes and tax obligations of your organization by registering a company in one of the prestigious and respected jurisdictions, including EU countries, the USA and other countries that are not offshore zones, but offer preferential terms for non-resident companies for doing business.

Our company offers services to register a company in classic offshore jurisdictions, Europe and Asia.

Classic offshore

Registration of a company in classic offshore jurisdictions, such as Belize, British Virgin Islands, Seychelles is the easiest option in terms of legislation, expenses for registration and maintenance of a company. In these jurisdictions, there is no taxation or reporting if the company will not succeed in conducting business in the territory of this country.

This option is often used in two cases: as an intermediary in trading operations, as well as in holding structures for accumulating funds.

When dealing with offshore companies, it is good to be aware regarding certain restrictions on business cooperation with offshore companies from other countries, in particular Ukraine.


European countries are more attractive for registering and doing business in comparison to offshore jurisdictions. The reputation of a company that is registered in Europe is significantly higher than the reputation of a company registered outside its borders. This is an advantage both for business partners and foreign banks.

The features of European jurisdictions:

  • Quick registration procedure;
  • The ability to conduct business on favorable terms;
  • Submission of annual financial statements and audit;
  • Legislative framework;
  • Double tax exemption;
  • Quick receipt of a VAT number.

The most popular European jurisdictions are Cyprus, Estonia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary and Slovakia.

European jurisdictions have several advantages, such as a favorable regime for intellectual property and the absence of a strict bureaucracy.


We recommend that you consider this jurisdiction especially if you have partners in Asia. Inspire LC is ready to offer you company registration in Hong Kong, Singapore and the UAE. Subject to certain requirements and conditions, the income of a company from these jurisdictions is not taxable.

When choosing a jurisdiction to register a company, it is essential to pay attention to the level of confidentiality, namely the presence or absence of information exchange agreements, closed company registers, etc.

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